Madonna supports Hillary Clinton with impromptu show in NYC

 Reacciones en la página de MADONNA FACEBOOK tras el apoyo de Madonna a Hillary.


"Sad thing is some of these ignorant people in this Country will listen to you... hopefully the majority are smart enough not to. Those of us who vote for Trump we are not racist or sexist, but that is all you and the Liberals have, desperation, very sad."


"clinton like you is a whore for sale to the highest bidder!!!! TRUMP2016!!!!!"

 Marco Castillo Sánchez "Fuck you all. Madonna is a citzen. She can say ANYTHING about the election. Don't waste your time. There's a lot of different ideas but respect is the most important thing. If you want a racist, bully and raper as a president, it's okay. But don't try to change the mind of lther people."

 "Trump is not smarter then our miltary he is smart looking at 15 year girl and grab them"

 Sonia García Bas "Desde España también esperamos que sea Hillary quien gane las elecciones a la presidencia de EEUU!"

Greif Hero "👍 That's why M is our Queen....She show us the right Direction. "

Bart Bruynings "We support You from the EU nowbody whant's Trump!!! I would liket Michelle Obama for president we the Obama's"

 "I just want to say,Madonna is a former Donald Trump Whore who was damped,,that's why you are seeing this all shit"

 Carl W. Llewellyn II "I can handle and bypass Hillary haters.
But when it comes to Madonna haters
my blood begins to boil...
I take it so very personally.
But only good vibes today!

Michelle Dion "I've never seen so many stupid comments who accuse Hilary of many things but fail to see some reasoning in Trump as the worst Candidate for the presidency. The republicans never looked so dumb. Besides the fact Haters on this page should be banned. Here is a reminder of some rules you haters :
-Be respectful
-Attack the argument, not the individual
-Do not encourage people to be violent or to commit crimes
-Be honest and don't spread misinformation. If you're not a Madonna fan who respects what our Madge have to express, leave. Beat it. Live within your hate bubble. We do not need people like you on this page."
"Hey Madonna I already voted for Hillary..when and where can get my suck dick ..????"

 Jeff R Kurtzman "WOW, So many IGNORANT, RACIST, HATERS Condemning Madonna for showing her support for Hillary. Isn't this a free Nation, encouraging free speech (and free song😝) Wouldn't think so from some of these reactions! Thank you Madonna for your unwavering support, standing up for Human Rights, Love, Compassion and Kindness. Positive outcome, those of you who don't like what Madonna stands for won't occupy space at her concerts, just maybe more Tolerant Loving Supporters will fill her Arenas! Ignorance is a Lethal Sin "Silence = Death"
God Bless You Madonna!"

 Bob Samuel + '...When you vote, vote with your head and with facts; and not with propagandized alternative universe "truths" that were cooked with the ingredients of lies, prejudices, misogyny, bigotry and hatred...' November 8, 2016

 Antonio Martinez "I see most of the haters (trumps supporters) do not show their faces in their profile. They must be embarrassed."
Vidal Chávez Anaya "Thank you! You're the angel and the spirit that this world needs! Love you!"


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