Basada en la vida de Brian Wilson, líder de los BEACH BOYS

When Brian and Melinda meet for the first time at her auto dealership, they both sense the spark between them. Melinda, however, also gets to meet Dr. Landy, an unconventional psychotherapist and Brian's legal guardian.

Melinda Ledbetter: Excuse me? Can I help you today?
Brian (Future): I'd like to buy a car.
Dr. Eugene Landy: Hi, I'm Dr. Eugene Landy. Do you know who this man is? Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.

Brian : I have to say to myself five times a day, 'I love you.'
Melinda Ledbetter: Does it work?
Brian : I don't know. Sometimes I wish I had somebody else to say it to.

Brian explains some of his therapeutic habits, specifically that he tells himself he loves himself daily. He also remarks how he wishes he had someone to share that love with, a role Melinda might be able to fill.
 Brian: You hear the new Beatles? We can't let them get ahead of us! I'm going to make the greatest album ever made. I've got all kinds of new ideas, new sounds, new instruments. 
 Melinda Ledbetter: You need to get back to your life! You and me, we're going to walk out of here right now and everything will change.

Melinda urges Brian to break out of his funk, ditch his doctor and get back to what made his life as remarkable as it is: Music.
Dr. Eugene Landy: If you want to continue to see him, you should know. Brian is a very, very sick man.
Brian: I hear voices. I was going to tell you but I didn't want to scare you away.

Melinda learns of Brian's mental health issues from Dr. Landy. Later, Brian explains what is going on to her personally.
Brian : He's my legal guardian. He's protecting me.
Melinda Ledbetter: No, he is overmedicating you.

Brian feels trapped by Dr. Landy's control as a legal guardian, but also believes that Landy will protect him. Melinda does not share this positive outlook on their relationship.


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